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🚗 What To Do When In A Car Accident

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

You are traveling along the road you drive so often thinking of your to-do list and how it is growing as Christmas nears. All of a sudden the traffics stops abruptly in front of you and you can’t help but spill your coffee and rear-end the very nice vehicle in front of you. Your mind races even faster with thoughts of “what happened, why did they stop so soon, I’m so sorry, I hope they are ok, am I ok? What do I do now?!?” You quickly find out your car is not drive-able any longer as well as the one you collided with. The police are on their way and you notice a few tow trucks already arriving on the scene. You sure do not want to get taken advantage of and you want to make sure your car is repaired correctly and will be in good hands. What is the protocol for this sort of thing?

Our team at KBR Towing witnesses this sort of thing many times a day. We know getting into an accident is just that, an accident and we are willing to walk your through the process as well as answer any questions you may have. Typically when the police arrive they will investigate how the accident happened and find out if someone is at fault. They will then have the tow truck tow the vehicle to the place you choose, a body shop the tow truck works with, or a storage facility. Most people believe you have no control over this part of the process - however you have every right to request where the vehicle is to be taken. The most common place a vehicle will be towed after being in an accident is a body shop the towing company has a great relationship with or a dealership’s collision department. Another misconception is whether or not you can ride with the tow truck to the place of your choosing - of course you can! After all - Uber doesn’t service every area of town so you are always welcome to take a seat and enjoy the ride in our truck to the next destination.


Texas Stranded Motorist Hotline (non-emergency): (800) 525-5555

Harris County Hotline to find your towed car: (713) 221-6000

KBR Towing Service: (832) 710-5626

Remember next time you or someone you know gets into an accident on the roadways in or around Katy to give KBR Towing a call (832)710-5626. We will be there to help walk you through the process every step of the way and ensure you, as well as your vehicle, are in great hands!

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