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The Differences in Tow Trucks

When you call for a tow truck and they ask you a round of questions have you ever wondered why? They aren’t just asking you to bother you we promise. The dispatcher needs to know what type of vehicle you have, what is wrong with it, and a round of other questions to make sure they are sending out the right tow truck. What do you mean?? All tow trucks aren’t the same?? NO they sure aren’t!

A wrecker, or wheel lift tow truck, is the most common type of tow truck you think of. These are the types that look like a normal truck in the front but have a lift that sticks out behind it in order to pick up your front or rear wheels. This type of tow truck only has the ability to pick up one set of wheels at a time. This is why we must know whether your vehicle is front, rear or all wheel drive (and yes we know ALL the wheels drive on all cars). The great benefit to the wheel lift tow truck is the ability to get into smaller spaces like small parking lots or maybe even some parking garages.

The second most common type of tow truck is the flatbed tow truck. These look just like the name explains - they have a flatbed behind the actual truck. This allows for all-wheel drive vehicles to be towed with ease, crashed vehicles with multiple wheels damaged, and so many other possibilities. Many times a flatbed tow truck is the only type of tow truck a person would like their luxury or lowered vehicle towed on. This ensures the extra care and safety of their vehicle by not being exposed to the road, bumps, potholes, etc. KBR Towing Service offers both wheel lift and flatbed towing in the Katy, Sealy, Austin County and Colorado County areas.

The other major tow trucks that come to mind are the heavy duty tow trucks. These are the 18-wheeler tow trucks that you see on the side of I-10 assisting other 18-wheelers. They are equipped with large booms, an extra large wheel lift and multiple tool boxes that house the necessary tools, straps, and chains to get the job done. They also make a rotator type of boom on some heavy duty trucks that allow for better angles when uprighting overturned 18-wheelers and trailers.

The next time you find yourself calling KBR Towing Service and we ask you a couple questions regarding your vehicle and the reason you are needing assistance please remember we are only trying to send out the right tow truck for the needs at hand. We are committed to assisting each customer with care and professionalism in order to make a not so pleasant situation a little better.

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