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Not many people can say they grew up in Sealy, TX and even more people cannot say they grew up in Waller, TX. The owners of KBR Towing, Ricky and Kristin Jester were both raised in Texas small towns and know just what it is like to help the community around you.

Kristin Bumbera-Jester is a graduate of Sealy High School, class of 2005. She was raised in Sealy and played sports while in high school as well as raced in the NASCAR circuit for her family’s racing team. She traded her helmet for two precious little boys, Bentley (8) and Beckham (2). The company’s name, KBR Towing, comes from (K)ristin (B)entley & (B)eckham and (R)icky.

Ricky Jester is a graduate of Waller High School, class of 2001. He was raised in Waller and played sports while in high school. His family also owned a towing company that serviced the Waller, TX and surrounding areas named Jester & Sons. He knows the towing business like the back of his hand gaining the knowledge and experience from such a young age. Ricky got his first tow truck while in high school and never looked back. After taking a few breaks throughout his career to be a fireman and police officer he has found his way back to the towing industry today.

Ricky and Kristin both understand the importance of helping out the community in a small town. They are honored to be able to serve the citizens of Austin County and give back to the communities that shaped them as they grew up. The most important thing for KBR Towing is customer service and having every customer know they are just as important as the next one. The next time you are in need of a tow service in Sealy, Bellville, Wallis, Columbus or any surrounding areas please give KBR Towing Service a call - they will treat you like family and make sure you are taken care of - just like they were taught from their small town communities.

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