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How to Prepare Your Car For a Road Trip

Can you believe we only have about a month until Thanksgiving and another month after that before Christmas?!? You know what that means…family road trips are right around the corner also. The great staff at KBR Towing Service has put together a helpful list of things you should make sure you check on your vehicle before you hit the road playing karaoke in your car with your family!

1. Oil - Seems like a no-brainer right? If it has oil you are good - wrong. Sometimes the oil might be dingy and well used. Make sure to take your vehicle in for an oil change - and ask the mechanic to check the other fluids as well just to be on the safe side (brake, transmission, coolant and power steering fluids).

2. Belts and Hoses - these little things often go unnoticed but play a huge role in how your engine and other accessories work. Make sure they are not dry-rotted, cracked or showing any signs of wear. You want to be able to make it all the way to Grandma’s house and back right?

3. Battery - You can always call KBR Towing for a jump start if necessary but we would rather you enjoy your trip instead of waiting on the side of the road for us to get you going again.

4. Windshield - Any cracks or dings could become larger problems when the temperatures start to change on your drive. Make sure to have these addressed and repaired if necessary. Having a good, fresh set of windshield wipers never hurt anybody either.

5. Brakes - Do you want your wife or husband asking “what is that awful screeching noise” 15 times? Getting a good set of brake pads and rotors, if necessary, will keep these unnecessary questions at bay.

6. Tires - Making sure the tires (and the spare) are all in good shape before you leave on your road trip will help save time at a tire shop down the road.

7. Headlights and Brake Lights - Nothing is worse than getting pulled over for a blinker or brake light not operating properly. Grab a neighbor or kiddo and have them verify all of the vehicle's lights are working as they should.

We hope this list of things are helpful to you and your family as you prepare for the holidays ahead. KBR Towing Service will be a phone call away if you need us along your travels at (832) 710-5626.

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