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Battery Maintenance Tips

Starting your car with the push of a button or the turn of a key will automatically mean the car will start….sometimes. The occasions that the vehicle doesn’t start always leaves us shocked and worried about what could be wrong. The majority of the time the problem lies within your battery. We will discuss battery maintenance in today’s blog to make sure you avoid the inevitable “no start” issue.

Your vehicle’s battery can be tricky and most of the time does not receive the proper maintenance like the rest of the car. The first step in making sure your battery is ready to power everything is to keep it clean. Remove the clamps on each terminal and regularly clean away any dirt, oxidation, and grease that has compiled in this area. If this step is not performed every few months you will notice a large amount of oxidation form which can prevent the electrical charge to go from the battery to the rest of your vehicle.

Insulation for your car battery can prevent it from reaching extreme low and extreme high temperatures. Believe it or not, the extreme lows and highs can exhaust the battery of what it needs to operate correctly.

This step seems like a no-brainer but it must be said. Make sure your battery is not loose within the engine bay. The battery tray is made to help contain the battery and keep it from smashing into anything around it. We want to protect not only the battery but everything else in the engine area around it as well.

You can routinely have your car’s battery checked at a local mechanic any time. They can hook up a very sophisticated machine to your battery and ensure it is charging correctly as well as putting out the correct amount to power the vehicle.

One sign your battery may be running low or failing would be instances where your headlights look dim at idle but then brighten up when the RPM’s of the engine are raised. Another sign your battery may need some extra care would be when the car starts slowly, as if to barely start.

The staff at KBR Towing is happy to assist you with a jump-start or tow to your local mechanic or dealership in the event your battery decides it cannot go on another day. Our trained drivers are able to jump-start anything from a smart car to a large dually truck. Give KBR Towing Service a call the next time your hear that dreaded “click-click” when you try to hit the road. We will be there to assist you before you know it!

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