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4 Life Saving Items in Your Car

Accidents or emergencies are never on the day’s agenda. They are never planned and always catch you off guard. Would having a few items in your vehicle in case an emergency happens put your mind at ease? We have the list of things that would be helpful for you here!

Bottles of Water will be handy in the event you are stranded on the side of a highway waiting for emergency personnel to arrive, especially during the summer time in Texas. You never know who you will have with you when an emergency may happen so be sure to have a few extra bottles on hand for any passengers you have.

Gas Container in the trunk of your vehicle can never be a bad idea. You never know if you will run out of gas or maybe you will notice someone from work or school stranded on “E”. These small containers hold a gallon or two and are relatively cheap. They can easily be filled during the time of need and get you to the next gas station and off the side of the roadway.

External Battery Chargers for your electronic devices will always come in handy. During an emergency your battery on your vehicle may not be operable. These external chargers will help keep your phone working to call for help and keep them charged in case you need to wait for any period of time.

Blanket or Large Coat during the winter time would be necessary if the temperatures outside are frigid. The changes of catching hypothermia might be rare in Texas but with the extreme temperature changes with little to no notice prove you have to be prepared. Having a large coat or blanket will give you that extra peace of mind if an emergency were to happen and you needed extra warmth during the winter months.

KBR Towing Service is always ready to assists our great customers with the emergencies that arise at a moment’s notice. Our team is prepared to drive in the flooding rains, blistering cold and ice, and extreme heats of Texas summers to aid you whenever your emergency happens. Please do not hesitate to give us a call when you are in need of a towing service in Sealy, Katy, and Austin or Colorado Counties. KBR Towing Service is here to help you make a bad situation better! We can be reached at 832-710-5626 or www.kbrtowing.com

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