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3 Free Apps to Find Cheap Gas

There are two types of people in the world - the ones that live with a tank never below half empty and the other that rarely sees the “low fuel” light off. Regardless we all want to save money when it is time to fill up our vehicle with gas. Our staff has put together some great apps you can download and search for cheaper fuel on the go with ease.

1. GasBuddy. When you search through the Apple App Store or Google Play you will find this one near the top of the list. This app helps you find gas stations closest to your current location, ones with clean restrooms (we all know that is a plus), and even ones with friendly service. Visit the website and you will see many other helpful tools for trips also.

2. Gas Guru. This app searches gas prices from the Oil Price Information Service - which basically means they are the most recent prices you will find. Gas Guru is owned by Yellow Pages so the changes of them telling you where the nearest gas station to you would be are very high. You are also able to put in alternate locations such as your office or another favorite location and search for gas prices around it.

3. Waze. The best app for finding the fastest route without traffic can also find cheap gas? You bet! It is like the best of both worlds all in one. The Waze app allows you to set your type of gas as well as any preferred stations and then it will sort the results by price.

Safe driving from everyone here at the KBR Towing Service Team!

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